Flea Market Find

November 30, 2007 at 4:17 pm (goings-on) (, , , , )

This is an original woodblock print by a west coast beat artist named McGregor Hone. I spotted it peeking out from behind some rather eclectic paintings and posters in a corner stall at the flea market. We talked to the rather eclectic oddities vendor, who gave us some background info on the print, and we told him we’d “have to think about it” because, to be honest, we didn’t come to the flea market expecting to spend that much! Not that it was expensive for an original piece of artwork… And, who knows, it may appreciate with the recent death of its creator.

ThornĀ Fruit

Well, we didn’t actually buy it Saturday when we first went to the flea market, mainly because Eleanor turned out to be a brat that day and we just wanted to get out of there. But, we just couldn’t stop thinking about it and talking about how we needed something beautiful to brighten up our quarters, so we returned Sunday to purchase it, our first piece of real art (no offense to Marshall’s They Might Be Giant Bone Formations).

Everyday I love it more and more. The colors are so vibrant. We’re actually thinking now of painting the room to compliment this piece–maybe pick up the dark blue that adorns the thorn on the left. By the way, it’s called Thorn Fruit. Stephen really likes that it has a simple, almost Japanese look about it. It needs a new frame because the one it came in is kind of ratty, but that can be done in time… We intend to keep this baby around for a long time.

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