Hi there!  My name is Kelsey.  As you may have guessed from the subtitle of this blog, I am a Southerner living in rainy Vancouver.  I fell in love with this city while on a trip to Seattle with my “husband” six years ago.  We had time to kill so we hopped a bus up to Vancouver for a night and part of a day.  In that brief window, I just loved everything I saw–the density of the city and the way it was planned, the mountain views, the ocean views, the towering trees of Stanley Park–what’s not to love about Vancouver!  Besides, everybody we met was so nice and polite (so Canadian, that is) and, since it was the middle of June, the weather was absolutely perfect for sitting on the beach all night long.

Well, we’re not so young and free any more.  We moved here because Stephen wanted to attend graduate school and the University of British Columbia just happened to have a strong and growing computer science department.  We found out we were going to have a baby just a few weeks before our trans-continental move.  So, after getting settled into a new apartment in a new country far, far away from everything and everyone we knew, we had just seven months to prepare for having a baby.  Looking back, I don’t know how we did it.  In part, we’ve survived because our daughter Eleanor has given us very little trouble; she was an easy baby.  She’s now over two years old.  It’d be nice to have a break from her, to have grandparents nearby that could take her every once in a while, but this experience, though trying, is ultimately pulling our little family closer and closer together.

I  started this blog mainly for family and friends, as a way to lessen the distance between us and keep them posted on what’s new with me and my little family.  I may also rant and rave at times about things unrelated to Vancouver or Eleanor or what we’ve been up to.  Those of you that know me know that I like my opinions, I think they’re the best opinions, and I therefore like to share my opinions with others.  Here’s hoping my readers will indulge me…



  1. Jim said,

    Your writing is very very nice. I enjoyed reading over your blogs today for the first time, and was pleasantly rewarded by your wonderful writing. Interesting, vibrant, and flows so well. Thanks for starting this, and we will look forward to reading more soon.

  2. kelseywood said,

    Thanks, Jim! It’s nice to receive compliments on something I was once so discouraged by. After a many bad grade in high school, I looked forward to attending a tech school precisely because I wouldn’t have to write any more papers. I assumed my 11th grade English teacher, Mrs. Berini, was right, that I just wasn’t cut out to be a writer. I don’t know what changed, but my transfer years later to a liberal arts school saw the start of something new. I opened up and the words began to flow. Now, I really like writing. I just wish I had more time for it. 🙂

  3. Debbie said,

    Kelsey, I love your blog. I especially enjoyed the pieces about the tot gym experience and toilet training, of course I’m partial to anything about Eleanor. Your writing is wonderful and I always liked reading your high school papers. Keep up the good work.

  4. Leslie said,

    Hi Kelsey… I just finished reading all your blogs. It sounds like you and your little family are doing well. I loved the rant about the “100 mile diet”, I think it was my favorite… well it’s between that and Eleanor’s word stringing story. You truly are a great storyteller! When reading through some your childhood memories I too, remember digging in MawMaw’s garden. I remembered making mud pies and blanket forts. Seems like so much time has passed, although I bet that you are still making mud pies up in Vancouver with all that rain. Thanks for the update and we hope to see you at Christmas time!

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