Permaculture Explained

February 26, 2012 at 7:39 am (permaculture) (, )

The following quotes by Bill Mollison, co-developer with David Holmgren of the central ideas of permaculture, should help to unpack the meaning of the word Permaculture.  Afterall, it has come to mean so many things to so many people, it can be hard to pin down a concrete definition.

“The overall aim of permaculture design is to produce an efficient low-maintenance productive integration of plants, animals, structures & man; with the ultimate result of on-site stability & food self-sufficiency in the smallest practical area.”

“Permaculture is the study of the design of those sustainable or enduring systems that support human society, both agricultural & intellectual, traditional & scientific, architectural, financial & legal. It is the study of integrated systems, for the purpose of better design & application of such systems”

“Permaculture Design is not the rain, the roof, or the garden. Permaculture Design is the connections between these things.  Permaculture brings cohesion where there was once isolation.”


The following quote, by Alison Peck, who teaches high-altitude Permaculture in Colorado, says it all:

“Permaculture gains its name from the dream of a permanent, sustainable agriculture & culture. Permaculture expands edible landscaping to consider all of the elements that are part of a natural self-sustaining landscape. […] Permaculture works with natural forces to create productive landscapes rather than forcing production with inputs of energy & chemicals. The elements, the earth, plants & animals, are woven into a complex, balanced landscape providing good shelter, energy & more. A permaculture can be created in a back yard or with many acres; it can range from a minimum maintenance condominium planting to a productive farm. A carefully created permacultural landscape requires no more intervention to be healthy & productive than a mountain meadow needs weeding or watering.”




  1. forestree said,

    Awesome! I miss the Pacific Northwest!

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