Spring Is Just Around the Corner!

March 2, 2009 at 7:20 pm (Other) (, , , , )

So much to say, so little time…

Firstly, there’s still no news about the potential move to Switzerland and with the economy what it is right now, we’re assuming that “No news is bad news” and resisting the urge to feel anything about it right now.  Insecurity and uncertainty about the future seems to be the new norm and so we figure we’re in the same boat, but still doing better than all the millions of people losing their jobs and their homes.

Vancouver, I think, has remained somewhat isolated from the major economic downturn–perhaps due to affluence, next year’s winter Olympics… I’m not really sure, but I’m perfectly happy to stay right here in Vancouver where I have my friends, my community, my garden…my life.

We missed most of the major snow storm that hit mid-winter, but spring is shaping up to be absolutely beautiful.  I saw the most intense rainbow of my life just last week.  We’ve had lots of rain to bring the flowers up and lots of sun, too.  Unfortunately, it seems the sun is always out on Saturdays when I’m in my yoga teacher training program all day and it always clouds over just in time for Sunday, or Family “Fun” Day as we’ve taken to calling it (although three-year-old Eleanor has taken to turning it into come-between-the-parents-andplay-one-off-the-other day).

Yes, Eleanor is three and–what do you know?–the Sunday that we had her birthday party was the only sunny Sunday in recent weeks!  At least we can be thankful for that.  We had seven kids an their parents over so it was really nice to be able to spread out and use the patio for part of the party.  See our flickr stream (www.flickr.com/photos/twistycorn) for an idea of how messy it was!  The streamers hung from the ceiling for over two weeks!  Eleanor got lots of cool stuff, but her big gift was her brand new blue bicycle, which she rides everywhere now.  Next weekend, we’re taking her to see Annie at the Vancouver Centre for Performing Arts.  We considered making the tickets her birthday present, but thought three weeks was too long to make a three-year-old wait.

In other news, Eleanor and I, on one exceptionally beautiful spring-like day, decided to plant part of ur garden experimentally early.  I’ve also got some peppers and tomatoes started indoors to get a headstart on their growing season.  I saved (also experimentally, since I wasn’t sure if the whole fermenting, separating, drying process was going to work for me on my first try) seeds from some especially delicious tomatoes I purchased at the local farmer’s markt last summer.  For all those out there who have never really liked tomatoes, look for one called the German Red Strawberry Tomato.  I swear, it’s the best!  It’s everything I ever wanted a tomato to be, and more!

Also, my German Rams (Ramirezi Cichlids) have finally produced a batch of eggs that they didn’t eat within a day and now the little fry are wiggling around wanting to grow and swim!  How exciting to watch the miracle of life unfold before my eyes!

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