Yoga Teacher Training… To Be or Not To Be?

December 19, 2008 at 9:31 pm (Other)

Well, I know I haven’t witten in a while.  I’d say I’ve been busy–and not that that isn’t true–but also I’ve found other things to do in my spartan spare time… yoga, knitting, Eleanor… excuses, excuses.  Well, I wrote a while ago about quitting my job to take care of Eleanor full-time.  I still do that and, when I can tear myself away from my knitting for long enough, I take yoga classes at night.

Yoga, for me, has become a kind of way out of the hectic and child-centered life I currently lead.  I love my life, but I have to balance the time I spend focusing on and caring for others (namely, children who scarcely can return the many favors I do them in a day) with some “me time.”  Yoga, therefore, is not just an exercise in stretching myself physiclly to the limit, but a means of mentally and emotionally bringing myself back from the limit.

With all that said, I committed to doing a six-month yoga teacher training program.  Ever since th demo job I had with Horizon, I’ve felt very comfortable with the public and I quickly gainined a real sense of confidence a leadership role.  So, I thought I’d make a great teacher.  But, there’s just one snag: I just received word that there may not be enough people signed up for the program to go on.  I had planned to get back into blogging by writing about the process of becoming a yoga teacher.  Here’s hoping…


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