Japanese Grocery Adventure

October 16, 2007 at 6:14 am (Other) (, , )

Eleanor and Mommy went on an adventure today! We braved the rain to shop at Fujiya, a local Japanese grocery store. At the least the word “sashimi” was written in English, so I knew what fish to buy, but for everything else I had to ask an employee for instruction. Obviously, the store caters to the Japanese in the area. Surprisingly, though, it was located in a rather industrial-seeming part of town. When we got home with the fish, rice, wasabi, and Pretz (yummy biscuit sticks), I made and dressed the rice and left it to cool while I once more dragged Eleanor out in the rain. It’s good for her to get used to it. This time, for the veggies and extras. Making three 6-8 piece maki rolls, 4 nigiri sushi, and a crab meat temaki for myself was all a bit more time-consuming than I hoped it would be. And, as expected, Eleanor was completely uninterested in eating raw “pih.” Oh well… more for us!!

Tuna Nigiri


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