It’s Official: Eleanor’s a Kid

October 11, 2007 at 5:20 am (Other)

I had finally grown accustomed to having a baby around the house, but along the way, it seemed, Stephen and I were always one step behind. To tell the truth, we never did finish installing the safety hardware on the cabinet doors. Oh well. Fortunately, we won the good baby lottery and Eleanor’s the kind of girl who just doesn’t get into stuff she’s not supposed to get into. She’s extremely sensitive when it comes to being reprimanded and, therefore, easily disciplined with a light hand. She eats well, naps well, and plays well with others. She loves hugging and kissing. And, until a few nights ago, she went to sleep really easily, with no fussing and only minimal stalling. But, she’s officially a little kid now: she’s afraid of the dark. I thought we had a few years to go before dealing with this! And, when do the monsters move into the closet? She’s still so young and unable to communicate in full sentences, so it took us a few nights to figure out what the problem was. It happened so fast, too. One night she went to bed with a kiss, a night-night, and we closed the door as usual, and the next night she fussed and cried, despite several visits from mom and dad, before finally succumbing to sleep out of sheer exhaustion–a mere hour and a half after we put her down. The third night of this actually escalated into a terror-stricken panic that, quite frankly, had Stephen and I a little worried. After much trial and error, we thought to leave her bedroom door open so she wasn’t in complete darkness and–presto!–problem solved. We didn’t hear another peep from her. In my mind, this whole episode underscores how fast she’s growing up. Gone are the days when we don’t really have to worry what she’s being exposed to: now we have to worry if, for example, the hunting scene at the end of Disney’s The Fox and the Hound will cause her to have nightmares. Gone are the days when we can just say anything in front of her because she’s soaking up every little detail of life. It’s truly amazing. Eleanor is no longer a baby in the sense of being passive and uncommunicative. She’s no longer an accessory to us or merely a part of us. She is a little person unto herself–in a word, a kid!


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